Per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-82, COVID case data, and in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, the New Prague Area School District is currently operating in a hybrid model for grades K-12.

Families can read our updated Return to School Guide here.  

Class & Course Structure


Class Structure:Using personalized curriculum, small class sizes, and unique instructional teaching methods, the Compass Learning Center is designed to reach all learners, especially those who struggle in traditional schools.
School Hours:7:40 a.m. to 2:32 p.m.

Flexible scheduling is allowed for students taking classes in the traditional middle level program. Targeted services programming will be available for students who qualify.

Hours are flexible with an early release option for those in a work experience program. Extended day hours are available two days a week for those interested in credit recovery.
Course Structure:A seven period day + Adviosry will be utilized at Compass Learning Center.
Middle level course work will align with district and state requirements.

High School Courses are available for qualified students.

Early release if a student qualifies for the Work Experience Program.
Grade Promotion:A student must satisfy New Prague Area Schools' grade requirements to be promoted to the next grade level.
Graduation:A student must satisfy New Prague Area Schools' graduation requirements to receive a diploma.


Courses Offered

The following courses are offered for high school students at the Compass Learning Center through traditional classroom instruction and online learning.


ScienceEnglishGeneral Education
Intro to Chemistry 9Lit and Comp A 9Art
Intro to Physics 9Lit and Comp B 9Health/Wellness
Biology Micro 10Communication Studies 10Work Experience Program
Biology Macro 10Lit and Comp 10Job Skills - On Job Training
Chemistry in Community A 11US Literature A 11Technology Exploration
Chemistry in Community B 11US Literature B 11Physical Education
Science ElectivesLanguage Arts Electives Wellness


MathSocial Studies
Pre-AlgebraAmerican Civics
Algebra IWorld History
Algebra IIGrowth of America
GeometryModern America
 Consumer MathHuman Geography
 Math ElectivesEconomics
 Social Electives

The following courses are offered for middle school level students at the Compass Learning Center through traditional classroom instruction.

ScienceEnglishGeneral Education
Physical ScienceLanguage Arts 6Technology Education
Life ScienceLanguage Arts 7Health
Earth ScienceLanguage Arts 8Art
  Physical Education


MathSocial Studies
Math FoundationMinnesota History
Pre-AlgebraWorld Geography
AlgebraAmerican History