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Autism Spectrum Disorder

New Prague Area Schools is proud to be able to provide Autism resources to students and families in our district.  Links and information are provided for this website by our district autism specialists.  

The following letter for family and friends from the ASA-Chapter Network paints a vivid picture of the Autism Spectrum:Holiday Letter for Friends and Family


Autism Links

General Information on Autism

Autism Speaks www.autismspeaks.org

First Words-First Signs of Commmunication delays http://firstwords.fsu.edu

First Signs Products www.firstsigns.org

Minnesota Resource Store www.autismshop.com

Minnesota Autism Library www.ecsu.k12.mn.us/autismlibrary.html


Center for Engaging Autism http://cea4autism.org/

Center for the Study of Autism (a wealth of information) www.autism.org

Autism Resources Page www.autism-resources.com

The Autism/PDD Resource Page www.autism-pdd.net

Neurodiversity Weblog (informative and also contains an interactive facial expressions and emotions game on line) www.neurodiversity.com/main.html


Great games and activity ideas for caregivers of children with autism  www.autismgames.org 

Resources for siblings of students with ASD www.autismsp eaks.org/ community/ family_services/ siblings. php

CDC website on Autism: www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/index.html

Autism Resources child-autism-parent-cafe.com

Sleep Help for Those diagnosed with ASD https://www.sleephelp.org/autism-asd/

Sleep Guide for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder https://happysleepyhead.com/sleep-guide-for-children-with-autism-spectrum-disorder/


Learning Aids

Carol Gray Social Stories www.thegraycenter.org

First Signs Products www.firstsigns.org  Phone: 1-978-346-4380

Dan Marino Website www.childnet.tv - FREE internet web channel devoted to Autism


Autism Societies

Of America www.autism.org

Of Minnesota (and lending library) www.ausm.org

of America (ASA) Web: www.autism-society.org   Phone: 1-800-328-8476

AANE Asperberger/Autism Network


Research Foundations

Cure Autism Now http://www.autismspeaks.org/ Phone: 1-888-288-4762

Autism Genetic Research Exchange (AGRE) www.agre.org 

SPARK Autism Research- genetic testing for autism using mail in saliva samples        

Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START) www.gvsu.edu/autismcenter/

Organization for Autism Research (OAR)  Phone: 1-703-243-9710 Web: www.researchautism.org


University Autism Groups

Yale Child Study Center  www.info.med.yal.edu/chldstdy/autism

University of North Carolina (TEACCH) www.teacch.com

Impact Newsletter http://ici.umn.edu/products/impact/193/default.html


Asperger Syndrome

Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS) www.udel.edu/bkirby/asperger/

MAAP www.maapservices.org

Yale Child Study Center http://info.med.yale.edu/chldstdy/autism/aspergers.html

Asperger Syndrome Education Network (ASPEN) Phone: 1-732-321-0880 Web: www.aspennj.org

MAAP Services for Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and PDD, Phone: 1-219-662-1311 Web: www.maapservices.org


Rett Syndrome

Research Happenings www.rsrf.org

Family Services and Support www.rettsyndrome.org

Minnesota Organization www.mrsra.org


General Developmental Disability Sites

PACER Center of Minnesota www.pacer.org

Minnesota Project C3 Connecting Youth to Communities and Careers  www.c3online.org/

Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs www.health.state.mn.us/

Career Guide for People With Disabilities


State Education Services

Minnesota Department of Education www.education.state.mn.us


Government Programs

Collaborative Programs of Excellence in Autism (CPEA)www.nichd.nih.gov/autism/cpea.cfm/

Studies To Advance Autism Research and Treatment (STAART) www.nimh.nih.gov/

CDC Autism Information Center www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/index/index.htm


Autism Resource Center


For more information about our programs, please contact:

Amy%20Waldspurger.jpegAmy Waldspurger
Special Services Director
Phone: 952-758-1724
Email: awaldspurger@isd721.org