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MN Governor Walz and the MN Dept. of Ed. take a localized, data-driven approach to the 2020-21 school year to help students learn safely.

Classroom Subjects

Here is a brief description of the core first grade subjects.

READING: In the first grade reading series, we spend one week on a story. The week is broken down into a 5 day lesson format with skills being taught in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, grammar, spelling, writing, and more each day. The first grade team has flexible reading groups to meet the needs of your child.

SPELLING: Our spelling words come from our reading series. Each story has a list of words that are based on a particular phonetic skill. We take a pretest on Monday and the final test on Friday. There are ten words on the list. On Friday I will test eight of the words and choose two mystery words which will follow the same skill of the week. Check the "Spelling List" link to see the spelling words for the week.

MATH: Our math program is Everyday Mathematics. It is a spiraling curriculum, so the students will be continually exposed to the concepts througout the school year. The following is a basic list of what to expect your first grader to be learning in Math this year, however, there is much more...

• adding/subtracting basic math facts • reading/writing numbers • place value (ones, tens, hundreds) • counting coins  • polygons  • calculators  • fractions  • non-standard units of measurement  • geometric shapes  • telling time (hour, half-hour)  • greater than, less than, equal to • understanding number stories • graphing

HEALTH: Our health curriculum is based on our body. We talk about the outside environment and what is good and bad for our bodies. We even touch on how to make good decisions on things we put in our bodies as well as how to treat others and be respectful.

SCIENCE: We learn about living and non-living things, rocks, force, life cycles, habitats, weather and more. We have lots of experiments that we get to do.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The social studies curriculum deals with places around the world, cultures, holidays, and people.