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Additional Parent Resources

Logo%20NP%20%28Early%20Learning%20Horizontal%29.png The Road to Kindergarten Starts Here (Kindergarten Kick Start)

Early Childhood Resources Website

Visit our Early Childhood Resources Website. We have put together a space with resources and web links that can be utilized by staff and parents at any time, anywhere! You will see  Developmental Resources,  Community and County Resources, Mental Health Resources,  Childcare Resources and Fun Activity Ideas.

HTML icon Early Childhood Resources Website

Tips for Parenting

PDF icon September - A new school year-helping your child handle change and be successful at school
PDF icon October - Promoting and Practicing Self-Regulation Skills
PDF icon November - Encouraging Self-Help Skills
PDF icon December - 
PDF icon January - Giving Preschoolers Choices
PDF icon February -  Children's Friendships
PDF icon March - Screen Time
PDF icon April - 
PDF icon May -
PDF icon Special Edition -

On the Road to Reading

PDF icon *October
PDF icon November
PDF icon December
PDF icon January
PDF icon February
PDF icon March
PDF icon April
PDF icon May

Back to School: Early Education Edition

The early years in a child’s education can be exciting as children are growing quickly and learning how to navigate the world. These years also serve as the foundation for a child’s education and place them on the path for continued success. The Back to School: Early Education Edition has tips and facts about what to expect as your child starts their pre-K through grade 12 adventure!

MN Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is an interagency initiative of the State of Minnesota (Departments of Education, Health and Human Services) partnering with local service agencies to provide resources about the development of young children for parents and professionals. These resources include information on developmental milestones, YouTube videos, caregiver strategies to support development, screening and evaluation, and how to talk about developmental concerns. Visit the Help Me Grow website for more information. 

Growing Readers Newsletter

Written especially for parents, Growing Readers provides monthly tips for raising strong readers and writers. The one-or two-page articles are available as a PDF in both English and Spanish. You can subscribe to the Growing Readers, or other Reading Rockets Newsletters, on the Reading Rockets website.