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Driver's Education

Drivers%20Education.pngCommunity Education offers a complete Driver Education program that includes Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel instruction for students and information for parents. Our teachers are licensed by the State of Minnesota to teacher Driver Education.

The typical timeline for Driver’s Education

Classroom > Permit Test (must be at least 15) > Practice Driving with Parent > Behind-the-Wheel > Road Test (must be at least 16)

Classroom Instruction

Minnesota law requires 30 hours of classroom instruction to qualify a student to take their Learner’s Permit test.  Classroom sessions typically run three hours per day over a period of ten days. In summer, these are usually completed within two weeks.  During the school year, sessions may require three to four weeks to get all ten class sessions in. When a student completes Classroom and is registered into a Behind-the-Wheel program, he/she receives a “Blue Card” as proof of completion. The student takes this, along with other required paperwork, to a testing station when it’s time to complete the Permit test. Several Classroom sessions are offered each school year and summer and are conveniently located in New Prague as well as Elko New Market.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction

Minnesota law requires six hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction to qualify a student to take their Driver’s License test. Behind-the-Wheel sessions typically meet three to four times, in order to complete the six hours needed for each student driver in the car. Behind-the-Wheel sessions are offered March through November, weather permitting, with the majority of sessions in the summer months. New Prague chooses to run our Behind-the-Wheel sessions with two students in the car. This gives the students opportunities to practice driving as well as to learn from observing their peer. Each car is equipped with a camera for the safety of the students and the instructor.

Parent Information Sessions

Typically twice a year, Community Education offers a free Point of Impact session for parents of young drivers. This one-night seminar covers Minnesota’s graduated driver’s license, laws that govern your child while driving, experiences young drivers should have while they practice driving, and the dangers that face young drivers on the road today. Pre-registration is requested so we can be properly prepared.


Visit eleyo to register for Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel sessions.


For more information on Minnesota’s driver’s license process, go to www.mndriveinfo.org.