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Distance Learning Instruction will take place for all students beginning Monday, March 30th through Monday, May 4th. Communication will continue to be sent as the district receives information from the Governor.

The Fitness and Aquatic Center will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Members, please watch emails for further communication. If you are not receiving email notifications from the FAC, please email us at fitandaqua@isd721.org to get signed up for notifications.

Curriculum Review

A district's curriculum is at the heart of the educational process.  New Prague Area Schools prides itself on curriculum that is developed and refined on a continuous cycle.

Curriculum Program Study

The Curriculum Review and Development Cycle is a six year process incorporating different phases of curriculum review and development each year.  Listed below is the focus for each year as we work to improve the district’s curriculum and instruction.

  • Year One:  Review and Research
  • Year Two:  Curriculum Development Phase 1
  • Year Three:  Curriculum Development Phase 2
  • Year Four: Initial Implement and Evaluate
  • Year Five:  Implement and Evaluate
  • Year Six: Implement and Evaluate

District Advisory Committee Philosophy

The philosophy of the District Advisory Committee is to ensure members of the community and educators work together in a positive way to improve the quality of education for children in the community.  Being a member of Curriculum Advisory Committee provides an opportunity to serve as a sounding board for the community, to gain knowledge about the district's curricula and its development, and to positively influence change within each curriculum area based on knowledge, research, and community needs.


The purpose of the District Advisory Committee is to advise the School Board in all phases of planning and improving the instruction and curriculum affecting state and district academic standards.

Are you interested in serving on the Curriculum Advisory Committee, contact Educational Services Department,

Curriculum Review Cycle

Note:  Subject to change depending on state law, financial constraints, and in response to student achievement data.