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Snack Milk & Healthy Snack Cart

Snack Milk

Nutrition Services will offer cartons of milk (1%, skim, and skim chocolate) for break time in all K-5 classrooms. If you prefer to send beverages from home, please choose 100% juice or water.


Healthy Snack Cart

Nutrition Services will offer a healthy snack for break time in all K-5 classrooms. There will be a variety of healthy snack choices each day, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, string cheese, yogurt, and whole grain crackers. If you choose to send a snack from home, we ask that you send a pre-packaged, healthy snack.

Healthy Snack Cart registration for second semester (1/13/2020-5/28/2020) is open now until Thursday, January 9, 2020. In an effort to go green, no paper forms will be sent home with students this year. You may sign up though your FeePay account (preferred), or by submitting the registration form along with either cash or check, or by making a payment to your child's meal account in Campus Portal. If paying via FeePay, you do not need to turn in a paper form.

PDF icon Snack Milk and Healthy Snack Cart Order Form (temporarily unavailable)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required that my child participate in these programs?

No, participation is optional. These programs are offered as a convenience to parents, and to ensure that students are well nourished, and focused on learning during the school day.

Can I pay for my child’s snack cart order online?

Yes, you may pay online through your FeePay Online Payments FeePay account.

May I place my order for the Snack Milk or Healthy Snack Cart programs over the phone?

To ensure that the order is processed as quickly and completely as possible, we appreciate your order being placed via the enclosed form, and not over the phone.

Can I wait until the K-5 Assessment days to submit our order form?

While we appreciate payments made as early as possible, you can turn the form and payment in at the Nutrition Services table during the K-5 Assessment days if you choose.

My child receives free or reduced price breakfast and lunch. Will he/she receive free or reduced price snacks? 

No. The Snack Milk and Healthy Snack Cart programs are optional. Should you choose not to participate, you may send 100% juice or water from home as well as a pre-packaged healthy snack.

Why is there a big difference in the price of Snack Milk for grades 1-5 vs. Kindergarten? 

The State of Minnesota provides funding for the schools to ensure Kindergarten students receive a milk break at a very affordable price. Unfortunately, the funding does not apply to students in grades 1-5.

My child receives free or reduced price breakfast and lunch.  Why am I being charged for the milk he receives during lunch time when bringing a cold lunch from home?

The State of Minnesota reimburses the school for each reimbursable meal, which means students must take at least 3 of the 5 components offered and one must be a fruit or vegetable. When a student purchases milk on his/her own, it is considered an a la carte item. We do need to charge full price for these items. A la carte milk is 50 cents.