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District Staff Development

Staff Development Report Components for World’s Best Workforce

List of Staff Development Advisory Committee Members.

Kristen Palma: Early Learning (Birth to 5)
Shelly Thelen: Special Education (9-12th)
Kellie Frey: Falcon Ridge Elementary (K-5)
Jen Larson: Raven Stream Elementary (K-5)
Melissa Giles: Eagle View Elementary (K-5)
Teresa Hoverson: Middle School (6-8th)
Jane Dittberner: High School (9-12th)
Brooke Buthe: High School Student
Adam Brandt: Middle School Student
Lisa Blaschko: Paraprofessional
David Giesen: Falcon Ridge Elementary Principal
Tony Buthe: Director of Educational Services
Julie Schmitz: Parent


List the district staff development goal(s).

  1. District 721 will create and implement an Equity and Diversity Team. This will guide the Mission to engage and support everyone in high levels of learning.  Our District values diverse thinking along with modeling appropriate and positive interactions with both students and staff. The purpose of our Equity Team is to ensure opportunity for all students.
  2. District 721 will continue to enhance our probationary teachers Mentor/Mentee model and provide 1 to 1 mentorship from our Mentor Coordinator. We will use the Danielson Model for Effective Teaching, which is designed to enhance the professional practice of all teachers.
  3. District 721 will provide staff with “Best Practices” access to staff development resources in order to support technology skill development and curriculum integration. This includes a cohort for Google Certified Educator, Level 1 for this school year.
  4. District 721 will provide comprehensive staff development opportunities in core curriculum areas that support best practice in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In 2017-2018 we will be implementing and working with “Balanced Literacy” within our elementary reading curriculum and “Standards Based Learning” within our K-12 buildings.


List the percentage of teachers and other staff involved in instruction who participated in effective staff development activities.

The New Prague Area School District prides itself on both Staff Development and Professional Development opportunities for all staff. We also believe that great teachers help create great students. Research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Therefore, we use “Best Practices” and the latest and most up to date information to train and support 100% of our instructional staff.

District 721 utilizes both the school year and summer months to provide our teaching staff with timely and knowledge-based professional development. Teachers are busy teaching during the school day and it is our top priority to keep our teachers in the classroom at all costs. Therefore, we provide Professional Development after school throughout the school year.

These classes are taught by our own teaching staff or administration. Peer teaching is one of the most effective means of education for teachers. Summer professional development is also beneficial. Each summer the District offers all day training for our teaching staff. Classes are once again taught by staff members who have had extensive training or knowledge in a specific area.

If it important for our teachers to have ongoing professional development and to learn from each other. Ongoing professional development keeps teacher up-to- date on new research and on how children learn. Other areas of professional development include new and innovative technology tools used within the classroom, new curriculum resources, and social-emotional information. These areas and more are at the heart of keeping all staff fresh and prepared to educate all of our students who enter the doors the first day of school.