•  All K-12 Students are currently operating in full in-person learning.

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Eagle View Staff Directory

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Phone Building Subject
Larissa Anderson Paraprofessional (952) 758-6084 Community Education, Eagle View Early Childhood
Diane Barrier Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-6083 Community Education, Eagle View Early Childhood
Julieanna Bowen Psychologist (952) 758-6034 Eagle View, Holy Cross Special Education
Jennifer Braun Teacher (952) 758-6064 Eagle View Media
Ashley Buthe Third Grade Teacher (952) 758-6028 Eagle View
Darcy Chlan Executive Assistant (952) 758-6002 Eagle View
Stephanie Cline Teacher (952) 758-6050 Eagle View Art
Cathy Curtis Technician (952) 758-6079 Eagle View
Kathy DeFor Paraprofessional (952) 758-6032 Community Education, Eagle View
Kristen Doll Teacher (952) 758-6081 Eagle View Physical Education
Brad Drazan Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6072 Eagle View
Valerie Edberg First Grade Teacher (952) 758-6018 Eagle View
Briana Fish Speech/Language Pathologist (952) 758-6017 Eagle View Speech/Lang Pathologist
Mark Fishel Custodian (952) 758-6007 Eagle View
Amanda Floden Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-6052 Eagle View
Megan Garner First Grade Teacher (952) 758-6016 Eagle View
Karli Gerdes Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6066 Eagle View
Melissa Giles Teacher (952) 758-6031 Eagle View Resource Teacher
Abbie Grevlos First Grade Teacher (952) 758-6055 Eagle View
Kayla Haugen Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-6053 Community Education, Eagle View Early Childhood
Rachel Hennen Teacher (952) 758-6011 Eagle View Music
Stephanie Hoffmann (952) 758-6004 Eagle View
Susan Honken Paraprofessional (952) 758-6078 Eagle View
Kimberly Hoppert Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6051 Eagle View
Mary Ingebretson Paraprofessional (952) 758-6084 Community Education, Eagle View