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ELL Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELL?

English Language Learner(ElL) is a K-12 program that teaches the English language to students whose native language is not English. Students are taught by licensed ELL teachers using methodology similar to that of teaching a foreign language to a native English speaker. 

Which students qualify for ELL classes?

Any student qualifies for the ELL program if he/she meets any of the following requirements:

  • The student's first language is not English.
  • The student comes from a home where the language spoken is not English. 

How are ESL classes organized?

Elementary ELL:

In K-5 schools, ELL uses either a pull-out or a push-in model of instruction. English Language Learning students leave their mainstream classroom to spend a period of time each day in ELL instruction. The amount of time a student receives English instruction depends on his/her level of language proficiency. Instruction is focused on English language development with emphasis on increasing vocabulary, reading comprehension and strategies, writing skills, and cultural understanding. 

Secondary ELL:

ELL uses  the pull-out model at the  high school and middle school.  

When do students exit the program?

Students exit the ELL program based on ACCESS assessment criteria determined by the Minnesota Department of Education.

How long does a student receive ELL service?

Normally, students will learn to speak English well within 1-3 years. Academic English, the language needed to read, write, and be successful in school, can take 5-10 years to learn. Ongoing evaluation will determine the need for continued support. 

My child was born here. Can he still receive help from the ELL teacher?

A student may receive ELL services even if he/she was born in the United States if the student first learned a language other than English and/or comes from a home where a language other than English is usually spoken. The student must qualify for ELL services based on the district's language assessments.

My child speaks good English. Why is he receiving ELL service?

Your child might be an advanced level ELL student. Advanced students are often able to speak English well, but they are still learning the English needed to read and write at grade level.

Can I refuse ELL support for my child?

You may refuse ELL support for your child if you wish. You will need to contact your child's ELL teacher and sign a form indicating this.