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Emotional or Behavioral Disorders

Setting Level III EBD Programs

Characteristics of Students

Students typically referred to Setting III EBD programs exhibit disabilities across the broad areas of social, emotional, adaptive and academic development which are not primarily the result of intellectual, sensory, cultural, or linguistic differences or a lack of educational opportunities. Students referred have been unsuccessful in less restrictive environments prior to a referral to a Setting III program.

Program Description

Site-based EBD programs provide Setting III services for K-12 EBD students, with instruction and support in the least restrictive environment. Services are designed and structured to meet individual educational, vocational, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. A program behavioral support system is utilized in addition to the use of individualized behavioral support plans integrated into a student's individual plan. 


Students who receive services in Setting III EBD programs will participate in the building's instructional program and activities to the fullest extent possible. Academic and behavioral support is provided according to the student's needs, based on the goals and objectives in a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Behavior is supported through the use of social skills curriculum, effective praise, proactive teaching, behavioral incentives and consequences designed to meet individualized needs. Academic courses are individualized based on present levels of educational performance, with emphasis on consistency with the regular education curriculum and high standards of performance.

Service Delivery Model

EBD site-based programs provide students with direct special education service, including behavioral and academic support for more than 60% of the school day in a special education setting, with planned integration into regular classes. Services are provided for students, kindergarten age through graduation.

Related Services

Students may receive additional support and related services based on evaluation results and IEP team decisions.  Related service providers may include Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech/Language Pathologist(SLP), Social Worker, School Psychologist, and/or School Nurse. Paraprofessional support may also be determined necessary by the Individual Education Plan (IEP) team.



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