Falcon Ridge Dismissal Procedure

Office Pickup NO LONGER Permitted.

Curbside Pickup 

In addition to our drop-off procedures in the morning, we are also making some adjustments to our pickup procedure, due to the high volume of traffic that we have had in the afternoons. Please follow these directions and refer to the map for guidance. As a reminder, office pickup is no longer permitted.

When arriving, plan to form two lines as you pull into our parking lot. You will drive the outside perimeter of the lot and stay in your two lines when directed to move ahead after the buses have left. When buses are still at Falcon Ridge, the first car will wait at the southeast corner of the north parking lot. When the buses are dismissed, a FR staff member will signal for the first 6-8 vehicles to pull up in front of the building.

We will have 6-8 vehicles at a time pull up in front of our northeast main doors, stop to wait for students to get into your vehicles, then leave as a group by taking turns driving in front of our building. When exiting in front of the building, please travel slowly and be respectful of the other parent vehicles exiting. Vehicle 2 cannot leave until vehicle 1 is gone. Vehicle 4 cannot leave until vehicles 1, 2, and 3 are gone. When all vehicles are gone, a staff member will signal for the next group of cars to pull up in front of the building. 

  • Please do not park or leave your vehicle in the pick-up line; only students should be getting in and out of vehicles.
  • Do not pass a vehicle in front of you; exit the Falcon Ridge lot as a group.
  • For those kids opting to walk to/from school, we are planning to have adult supervision in place near the roundabout at Columbus Avenue and 12th St (8:45-9:00 am and 3:45-3:55 pm). To ensure the safest way to cross either of these streets, please talk to your kids about crossing at the actual roundabout, as this is where our adult supervision will be.

DO NOT park in front of the yellow lines. These areas are reserved for buses and mail delivery. Thank you for your cooperation!

During the Day

Parents/guardians are asked to call or send a note with their child prior to appointments and vacations, etc. Please include the name of the person picking up your child, if it is someone other than the parent/guardian. Whoever picks up the child will be asked to sign the child out of the office, while a secretary contacts the child through the teacher. Students picked up prior to 3:30 pm will result in a half-day absence.

We suggest that appointments be scheduled after school or on non-school days whenever possible.

Walkers/Bikers - All walkers will gather in the main gym and will be dismissed after all buses have left. Walkers heading east and north are to walk to the four-way stop at Columbus Avenue and 12th Street to cross safely. Walkers heading south will be directed down our front sidewalk to the sidewalk along Columbus Avenue and can safely cross at the four-way stop at Columbus and 7th Street/County Road 37. *Walkers will not be allowed to walk across the bus lane in front of the school. Instead, they should go to the nearest four-way stop sign to safely cross the busy street around our school. We have found these to be the safest walking routes for your child(ren).