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What do I do if I have a concern I want SEPAC to address?

You may submit a concern as a meeting agenda item by either calling or by sending an e-mail to SEPAC and/or contact:

Amy Waldspurger
Special Education Director
Phone: 952-758-1724
Email: awaldspurger@isd721.org

What student groups does SEPAC represent?

SEPAC doesn't represent any single student group. The target of SEPAC is the familes of students that are receiving special services in the district. This may include students on IEP's, IFSP's, 504 plans, ESL services, as well as any others that may fall under special services.

Is SEPAC a support group?

SEPAC is not a support group, it is an parent advocacy group for the New Prague Area special services students, to advise and recommend effective and responsible education services, to provide a vision for the future, to advocate for programs and system change, and to represent the voice of our community regarding students with disabilities.

Are support groups part of SEPAC?

One of the visions that is held by SEPAC is the creation of support groups for particular areas of need. Part of this process is identifying interest levels in different areas, coordinating setting up the support groups meeting time and place, and communicating this to other support group members. If you are interested in being part of a support group or helping to start a support group, please let a committee member know.

Can I be a member?

All parents, educators, and others interested in students with disabilities and/or receiving special services through the New Prague Area Schools are invited to take part in SEPAC meetings. There are different levels of commitment, while some members choose to made aware of upcoming meetings and attend meetings with agenda that is of particular interest to them, others choose to take more of a leadership role, making themselves more available as a contact person to other new members and interested parties and serving as officers on the committee.

How often and when does SEPAC meet?

SEPAC meetings typically meet 3-4 times during each school year. The meeting schedule is posted to the website and an agenda and meeting reminder are sent out to anyone having indicated that they would like to receive this information. In order to be on the e-mail list , please notify: 

Renee Hartman
Special Services
Phone: 952-758-1728
Email: rhartman@isd721.org

Where do they meet?

Meetings, starting September 2017, will be held at the district office, located at 410 Central Avenue N New Prague. The Commitee has discussed holding less formal gatherings at coffee shops in town during the daytime as well.  Location of meeting is always indicated on meeting agenda.