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About Us

The New Prague Area Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that empowers teachers to add enriching curricula to their classrooms or create programs for New Prague Area students that go above and beyond the normal classroom experience.

We can all recall teachers who made a real difference in our education.  Teachers that went above and beyond to greatly impact our learning. That is exactly the reason this foundation was created; to provide resources for teachers, enabling them to give our students the roots to grow.

Our Mission

Investing in the education of the New Prague Area School students.

Our Purpose

To raise funds and provide resources that enrich learning opportunities.

What is an education foundation?

Education foundations are privately operated, non-profit organizations established to assist schools who qualify as charitable organizations, different from school districts, public institutions or local governments. NPAEF will be dedicated to providing resources for educational innovations and enhancements for the success of our students.

What can we achieve by having a foundation?

We are providing opportunities for our kids! Students will benefit from every gift... large or small! We can lend a greater level of support and a better understanding of the needs of our educators and students.

How does the foundation operate?

This non-profit private entity is incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) entity, and receives donations from individuals, businesses and other organizations. Parents, educators, business leaders and community members make up the eight member volunteer board of directors who will facilitate coordination for education fund-raising efforts. One staff member will consult as foundation director.

Who can apply and how are funds distributed?

Grant applications from teachers, staff, and students may be submitted, but must meet specific criteria that share the purpose of the foundation.  Applications will be reviewed by the grant committee and funds will be allocated to projects at individual schools as well as to programs that can be incorporated throughout the district.

How will your donations be put to use?

Funds raised will enable our teachers to apply for innovative, creative and enriching K-12 educational initiatives. For example, technology enhancements (interactive whiteboards, laptops, educational software), science equipment (telescope, microscope), music equipment, artist in residence, after school enrichment programs, instructional materials to supplement the classroom. The foundation will lend a greater level of support to our students and their teachers than is possible today.

I'd like to help, who do I contact?

To fulfill our mission, we will depend on invested support from individuals like you in our communities, as well as area businesses, alumni, grandparents and corporate sponsors. Please contact any one of the board members to learn what you can do to help.

Annual Report

We appreciate all of our donors and volunteers that make each year so successful!

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