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TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a class in GoGuardian?

The easiest way to create a class in GoGuardian is to import an existing Google Classroom roster. Follow the steps listed in the resources below:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Import a Classroom from Google Classroom

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: GoGuardian: Import Your Google Classroom Rosters

How do I start and monitor a class session?

Follow the steps in the resources below to start a class session and monitor Chromebooks in your classroom:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Start a New Classroom Session

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: GoGuardian: Start a Class Session

How do I use the Off-Task Alerts tool?

Off-Task Alerts is a feature which uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect when a student goes off-task and visually alerts the teacher. Review the article below for more details:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Off-Task Alerts

What is the Timeline tab / view?

By clicking the Timeline tab in an active classroom session, teachers will see a summary of all the sites students viewed.

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Active Classrooms: Timelines View

What is a Scene and how do I create one?

Scenes give teachers additional control over students' web activity. There are two types of Scenes for a classroom session: (1) Allow Websites: limited access, only allow a quiz, test, or website; or (2) Block Websites: wide access, block games and other distractions

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: How to Create and Apply a Scene

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: Create a Scene (Allowed / Blocked Websites)

How can I allow / block website Scenes with *wildcard* asterisks?

Depending on which type of Scene List is created, websites can be allowed or blocked using *wildcards, another term for * (asterisks).

For example, if you want to allow students to access their Infinite Campus Student Portal, you may want to use wildcards. The login page uses this URL address (newpraguemn.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/newprague.jsp). If you copy/paste this URL as an allowed website, students would not be able to access their IC Grades page. Instead, use *wildcards* to allow students to navigate to any page on the domain or subdomains.

Example: *infinitecampus.org* will allow students to access any of the NPAS IC pages (newpraguemn.infinitecampus.org) AND any of the help / support pages found on the main IC website (infinitecampus.org/contact).

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Block or Allow sites with *Wildcards*

How do I add a co-teacher to a GoGuardian class?

Additional Teachers, teacher's assistants, or substitute teachers can be added to each of your classrooms. In order to add additional teachers, they must first have a GoGuardian Teacher account. There are three different levels of class access: (1) Owners, (2) Teachers, and (3Helpers

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Add Additional Owners, Teachers, and Helpers

How do I share / present my screen to students' devices?

Presentation mode allows teachers to share / present their screen to students' devices in a classroom session. This article explains how each aspect of the feature works:

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: Lecture / Presentation Mode in GoGuardian Teacher

Can GoGuardian be used at Kids' Company?

Yes. Kids' Company staff members can log into GoGuardian with their ISD721 Google accounts. Use the TIP Sheet and video tutorial for directions specific to Kids' Company.

00-Gdocs-2.pngTIP Sheet: GoGuardian for Kids' Co.

Additional FAQs by the GoGuardian Support Team

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for GoGuardian Teacher!

00-Gweb-2.pngGoGuardian Help: FAQs for GoGuardian Teacher