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Distance Learning Instruction will take place for all students beginning Monday, March 30th through Monday, May 4th. Communication will continue to be sent as the district receives information from the Governor.

The Fitness and Aquatic Center will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Members, please watch emails for further communication. If you are not receiving email notifications from the FAC, please email us at fitandaqua@isd721.org to get signed up for notifications.

Google Gmail

TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

TIP Sheets and Resources:

How do I change my Gmail profile picture?

All staff and students are all located in the same district email directory. Some of our students and staff have the same or similar names. Please use care when selecting the name of the intended email recipient. As a reminder, all staff members should have a professional picture uploaded to their Gmail profile. Not sure how?... follow these directions.

The best picture to use is your school Lifetouch picture... not the NP logo... not the Trojan logo... and not a picture of your pet or family. These images do not help distinguish between a staff email and a student's. Not sure how to access your Lifetouch picture?... watch this video.

How do I create my NP signature in Gmail?

Follow the directions on this TIP Sheet to insert your NP signature.

Should I view emails as individual messages or conversations?

Traditionally, we have learned to view each email message individually. Unfortunately, our inboxes quickly fill with messages and replies. Gmail groups all email replies with the original message, creating a single conversation or thread. Each new message is stacked on top of the ones that arrived before it, so that the newest message is always the one you see first. Conversation view can help keep your inbox more manageable, and group replies together as one thread. 

You can turn the conversation view on/off by following the steps found on Google's Gmail Help page.