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Google Meet

TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a Google Meet link for my Google Classroom page?

You can set up and start class video meetings directly from Google Classroom.

Google Help: Create video meetings in Classroom

Why are my "Host Controls" missing?

Each Google Meet session can only have one moderator (host / owner). The moderator is the only one who will have the blue shield icon for Host Controls. Watch the video below to understand why your Host Controls may be missing from your Google Meet session.

How do I present / share a video with audio?

You can present video / audio during a Google Meet by sharing a Chrome tab.

  1. In the lower right, click the Present now button
  2. Click the A Chrome tab option
  3. From the list, select the tab icon containing the video
  4. Click the Share button (view screenshot)

Google Help: Present during a video call


How do I create and manage breakout rooms?

Moderators can use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups during video calls. Breakout rooms must be started by the moderator (host / owner) using a computer. Participants can join breakout rooms via computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Note: Breakout rooms currently can’t be recorded; only the main room will be captured on video.

Google Help: Use breakout rooms in Google Meet

TIP Sheet: Google Meet: Breakout Rooms


How do I create poll questions in a Google Meet session?

As a meeting moderator (host / owner), you can create polls for participants to vote on. After the meeting, the moderator is automatically emailed a report of the poll results. The report includes the names and answers of the participants.

Google Help: Conduct polls in Google Meet

TIP Sheet: Google Meet: Create a Poll Question

Can I create a Q&A activity in a Google Meet session?

The moderator (host / owner) is the only one who can turn on the Q&A activity; anyone in a meeting can ask questions. The questions show until they are deleted or hidden. After a meeting, the moderator gets a detailed report of all the questions.

Google Help: Ask participants questions in Google Meet

TIP Sheet: Google Meet: Create a Q&A Session

How do I retrieve the Attendance, Polls, and Q&A reports?

The moderator (host / owner) of a Google Meet will automatically receive an attendance report for any meeting with 5 or more participants. The reports are sent via email. The Polls and Q&A reports are automatically saved in Google Drive in a folder labeled: Meeting Reports

Google Help: Track attendance in Google Meet

TIP Sheet: Meeting Reports: Attendance, Polls, Q&A Results

What is displayed on the video of a Google Meet recording?

It is important to remember that a Google Meet recording is not the same as a screencast recording. In other words, it is not recording everything displayed on your computer screen. Google meet will only record the most recent person talking and the screen being presented. Watch the video below to see a demonstration.