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HaparaIcon.pngTIP Sheet | Hapara Teacher Dashboard 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hapara?

Hapara is a tool for teachers to help manage student folders and files created, shared, and stored on Google Drive. Currently, our subscription is included with the students' Chromebook lease agreement. Watch the video demonstration for a brief overview.

How do I navigate the Teacher Dashboard?

Teacher Dashboard simpifies the process of locating student files created and stored in Google Drive. Instead of searching the never ending list of "Shared with Me" files, view an entire class from the Teacher Dashboard. Watch this video for specific navigation tips.

How do I use the Smart Share tool?

Smart Share allows teachers to "push" assignments out to students in their classes. This helps teachers keep a consistent naming convention for each assignment file and even lable the files with each student's name.

Can I search for a specific file and/or assignment in Teacher Dashboard?

Yes, in fact, that is one of the best uses for Teacher Dashboard. Watch this video to see how to search, or filter, a specific assignment.

How do I add or remove students from my class roster?

From the Teacher Dashboard, you can add or remove students under the Class Info tab. Hapara syncs class data from Infinite Campus. Students must have their school email addresses entered in IC, or they will not appear in Hapara. If you have a student new to the district, your building technician can enter this data.