Per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-82, COVID case data, and in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, the New Prague Area School District is currently operating in a hybrid model for grades K-12.

Families can read our updated Return to School Guide here.  



4-29-2020 UPDATE: 

This detailed information was sent to all 11th grade students and their parents/guardians on April 29, 2020.

What is the ACT?

  • College admissions test, timed, 3 1/2 hours
  • Measures skills in English, Reading, Math, Science Reasoning, and Writing (optional)
  • Achievement test (measures what you know)
  • Accepted at all colleges in the nation
  • Required at most four-year colleges   
  • Two-year community and technical colleges use for course placement and to determine if remedial courses are needed
  • NPHS offers state-administered ACT, includes Writing, no cost:  Tuesday, March 24, 2020 [cancelled, due to COVID-19]
  • Juniors register during Advisory
  • Do not create a new account if registering for national test after March 24, 2020.  Use identical information (complete name, same email, etc.) so state and national ACT accounts merge.
  • National test dates have registration deadlines. You may select up to 3 test sites (in case your first choice is full)
  • NPHS is a national test site annually in October, December and June
  • At registration, students may request scores to be sent to up to four colleges for free. (Colleges will not hold lower scores against a student if higher scores are eventually obtained.)  
  • Students may register for future national test dates on ACT's website

National Test Dates 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and some test date cancellations, ACT has added numerous National Test Date options in September and October. 

  • September

    • Saturday, September 12
    • Sunday, September 13
    • Saturday, September 19 


    • Saturday, October 10
    • Saturday, October 17
    • Saturday, October 24
    • Sunday, October 25 


    Click here for all National Test Dates and registration deadlines (scroll down)

  • Preparing for the ACT

    • Work hard in core courses (English, reading, math through algebra II, science through chemistry)  
    • Familiarize yourself with what to expect on test day:
      • "Preparing for ACT" pamphlet available in Counseling Office (full length practice test, strategies)
      • ACT's website (ACT Academy -- new, free option; other free webinars, study tools, various fee-based resources)
    • NPHS offers two online prep courses at no charge: 
      • OnToCollege (formerly John Baylor), MCIS
      • Juniors will use OnToCollege online prep in Advisory
        • only part of the available online tutorial is used during class sessions
        • students may access more OnToCollege online tutorial activities on their own 
      • MCIS offers customized online tutorials based on strengths & weaknesses shown on pre-tests
      • All require username and password (see counselor for login info) 
    • New Prague Community Education offers fee-based prep courses, prior to April and June tests
      • Prep courses are not required: school coursework is the primary preparation for the ACT; multiple free prep resources available
      • Those who take prep courses consistently report satisfaction with the course
    • ACT's official prep advice here 

    Register for a National Test Date

    Click here. National Test Dates are different from the State-Administered ACT, which is given at NPHS in the spring during the school day.

    Understanding Test Scores

    • When are scores released? Click here.
    • To understand and use your ACT results, click here

    Accommodations and English Language Learning Supports

    Click here for ACT's instructions about how to request accommodations on the ACT. You will want to work closely with your School Counselor throughout this process.

    Retaking the ACT

    • Talk this over with your counselor
    • ACT has suggestions about this here 
    • ACT statistics show that, of the students who took the ACT again:
      • 57% increased their Composite score by about 1 point
      • 21% had no change in their Composite score 
      • 22% decreased their Composite score

    Optional Writing Test

    • The Writing portion is given during the state-administered ACT at NPHS
    • Most students will not need to register for it on future national test dates
    • It is not required for admission to many colleges (only about 15% of colleges require it) 
    • To see if a college requires the Writing test, click here
    • In Minnesota, no college or university requires the Writing test. A number of colleges do recommend it, however.
    • See your counselor with questions