Per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-82, COVID case data, and in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, the New Prague Area School District is currently operating in a hybrid model for grades K-12.

Families can read our updated Return to School Guide here.  

College Planning

2 Year Technical & Community College Admission Process

This power-point, with links to numerous resources, accompanied a presentation held at NPHS on conference night, November 7, 2019. 

4 Year College Admission Process

This power-point, with links to numerous resources, accompanied a presentation held at NPHS on conference night, November 7, 2019.  

ACT College Planning Site

Click here

Admissions Advice: Open Letter to Students & Parents

A great read from 24 college admission managers. From the "Inside Higher Ed" online newsletter.

Archived Resources

Junior Information Night Fall 2018 Video
See the 11th Grade Information Night presentation in its entirety here

Sophomore Information Night Fall 2018 Video
See the 10th Grade Information Night presentation in its entirety here.

Sophomore or Junior Information Night 2017
Click here for a full video of Sophomore Night; click here for a full video of Junior Night.

College Scorecard

The Federal Government's new college comparison tool.  Click here.

College Board's Big Future Planning Site

College Knowledge Month Resources

Click here for the list of Minnesota colleges and universities that offer FREE applications during all or part of the month of October 2020.

Differences Between High School and College

Click here.

Family Firsts Student Guide

Be the first in your family to attend college.  (For a Parent Guide, click here.)

Get Set for College Student Guide

Our #1 recommended planning site for NPHS students!

Grades vs ACT Scores: Recent Findings

This recent research study found that grades in school are 5 times stronger as a predictor of who will graduate from college than ACT scores. Find the brief article plus link to complete synopsis here.

Interactive Map of Majors

Select a major to see information about that major, including topics of study, degrees available, related occupations, and related majors.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Helpful site with a variety of useful information.  Click here.

Timelines for Planning

Great overview of planning timelines for 9 - 12th grade. 

Timelines & Understanding Post-Secondary Options: 9/10th Grade Resources
This power-point, with links to numerous resources, accompanied a presentation held at NPHS on conference night, November 7, 2019.

Transfer Planning

Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" Students enter their coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, and then discover in a single click how many colleges in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when the student transfers. Transferology is supported through a collaboration of the Minnesota State System and the University of Minnesota.

Minnesota Transfer is the  official guide for seamless transfer through Minnesota Office of Higher Education Services.

Transfer Guide, MN Private Colleges

Guidelines for transfer from community college to private 4-year college
This article details the needed preparation for students desiring to transfer from a community college to a private 4-year college in Minnesota. A full 22% of students earning 4-year degrees at these private institutions transferred in. Of those, 42% came from Minnesota State community and technical colleges. See the entire article here, including links to helpful resources. 

U.S. Department of Education

Includes checklists to help you get ready financially and academically, tips about budgeting and much more.

Value of Liberal Arts Education

"The world today needs fast, flexible thinkers and creative, innovative minds." Click here to learn about the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Liberal Arts 10 Core Competencies. "These reflect the essence of a liberal arts education regardless of a student's major...enabling students to launch into their lives after graduation with confidence in their Liberal Arts Advantage."

[John Coleman, Dean, CLA, U of M TC; 2-10-2020]