College Planning

ACT College Planning Site

Click here

College Scorecard

The Federal Government's new college comparison tool.  Click here.

College Board's Big Future Planning Site

Family Firsts Student Guide

Be the first in your family to attend college.  (For a Parent Guide, click here.)

Get Set for College Student Guide

Our #1 recommended planning site for NPHS students!


Interactive Map of Majors

Select a major to see information about that major, including topics of study, degrees available, related occupations, and related majors.

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Helpful site with a variety of useful information.  Click here.

Timelines for Planning

Great overview of planning timelines for 9 - 12th grade. 

U.S. Department of Education

Includes checklists to help you get ready financially and academically, tips about budgeting and much more.