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Dear Trojan Students and Families,

As you begin the registration process for the 2022-2023 school year, please remember that the course choices you make are very important. The courses you choose help prepare you for your future educational and career plans as well as personal development. This registration guide is designed to aid you in developing your educational plans for high school and beyond. Education should be a collaborative process for you, your family, and staff. Parents: please take the opportunity to read this guide and discuss it with your child. Students: please give careful thought to what you want from your education. Ask advice from your parents and those teachers and counselors who know you, and who know your talents. Choose courses that will help prepare you for your career, employment, or post-secondary education goals. Listed by the department, you will find a brief description of each course. Please read the descriptions carefully and make note of the prerequisites. You will also find videos from each department to provide you an overview of what to expect. All students will be asked to list several alternate courses when they register in case courses that they request are eliminated due to low registration numbers. We do not guarantee your child will get all the courses they choose, so it is important for them to list alternate courses. Finally, as you are reviewing these selections and making decisions with your child, please be aware we are making a contract together. This means that by making these selections you are agreeing to participate in these classes. The school in turn then makes the needed staffing and hiring in response to these requests. In order for us to meet these expectations, your child’s class selections need to be finalized and should not be altered after March 2022. We believe you will find high school staff members helpful and willing to assist you as you develop your educational program.

Please ask us if you have questions or need advice. Our best wishes to you for a successful and rewarding 2022-2023 school year!

Ms. Nicole Adams
NPHS Principal
Phone: 952-758-1201



Registration Guide Registration Letter Registration Forms Registration Videos