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Healthcare and Sports Science


Students will have the opportunity to engage in real-world experience in the healthcare environment where they can learn and grow in areas that may offer future employment opportunities. While in the healthcare and sports industry setting, students will spend the semester gaining experience with the healthcare and sports exercise industries through site visits, clinical experiences, and instruction from experts in these fields. Designed together with leaders from the health industry, students will have a firm understanding of the mind, body, and physical health of humans in relation to sports and science.

NPHS requires students to be active, independent learners and foster empowerment, self-discovery, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Students will engage in a variety of opportunities including real problems and project-based learning, tours, and job shadowing experiences. Students will gain professional skills such as resume writing, social networking, and interviewing. Through guided mentoring, students will be immersed in the professional environment through an internship experience that encompasses their personal interest in the field of Healthcare and Sports Science.

Potential Careers


Registered Nurse
Physical Therapist
Speech Pathologist
Nurses Aide

Sports Science

Exercise Physiologist
Fitness Center Manager
Sports Administrator
Sports Coach
Sport Psychologist
School Teacher
Event Organizer
Outdoor Activities Director


Interested in applying for the Healthcare and Sports Science program?

You will need to:

  1. Be a Junior or Senior for the 2017-2018 school year and on track to graduate on time.
  2. Have a good attendance and behavior record.
  3. Provide your own transportation.
  4. Complete an online application.

Please contact the High School Counseling Office at 952.758.1211