MARS Program



MARS is an approach to daily instruction that prepares students for careers by teaching academic content through the lens of a specific professional field.

Daily, students work on academic coursework related to a profession. In 2017-2018, New Prague High School will offer three courses in Global Business, Healthcare & Sports Science. They are instructed by licensed teachers and guest instructors from industry. They participate in projects for local companies, are mentored by executives, and, most importantly, practice the interactive skillset needed to succeed in a professional environment on a daily basis.


New Prague Area Schools District is committed to providing its students with the best possible education to thrive and excel in the 21st-century workplace. With MARS, not only are profession-specific skills taught but students are also put into situations where they develop their presentation, collaboration, and social interaction skillset daily and are provided with immediately graded feedback on their performance. There is no better way to prepare them to excel both in college and their careers.