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St. Olaf Honors Program

Any 11th grade student interested in the St. Olaf Honors program should stop in the Counseling Office for information. This highly competitive program allows seniors to take one course per semester at St. Olaf College. Applications are due June 7.  See Ms. Kohlmann in the Counseling Office for details. 

Retaking the ACT? Get the scoop on your online account below!

Now that the April 2nd ACT has passed, ACT says to expect the results in the next 5-8 weeks.  Students will get their individual results sent to them in the mail.  Numerous students have  questions about how to set up an ACT account if they wish to retake the test.  
Below are answers to some FAQ from the 319-337-1320 helpline:

1.  What if students took the test on a national test date and created an online account prior to taking it at NPHS on April 2nd?
If students completed their identifying information (name, address,etc.) for the April 2nd ACT EXACTLY as they did when they registered online for a national test date ACT, (ie with the same abbreviations on address, no nickname, etc.) then the April 2nd results will merge with the student's online account.  Students will have their April 2nd results listed in their online account just like their earlier test(s).  
If the April 2 test results received in the mail do not appear on the ACT online account, there was a discrepancy between this identifying information.  The student will need to call 319-337-1320, talk to a customer service rep and merge their scores into one ACT account, showing both scores.
2.  What if students want to sign up for another ACT before they get their April 2nd results. Students need to create an account online and put the exact same information that they did when completing their April 2nd identifying information. This will result in the scores merging with the same account.
3.  How do students create an online account after they get their results?
Students use their ACT ID when creating their online account.  The ACT ID's will be listed at the top of their ACT results page that they will get in the mail in 5-8 weeks. 

MN Private College Week June 24 - 28, 2019

Click here for all the details on how to sign up to visit private colleges in Minnesota this summer during Private College Week. This is a great opportunity for current juniors who are just starting their college search process. 

Summer Enrichment Camps at St. Olaf College

Click here for details on financial assistance for summer camps, including Music, Chess, Theater or Dance.

Power of a Two Year Degree

Click here for a brief but informative article about Minnesota's excellent two-year college opportunities.

Junior Information Night Video

See the 11th Grade Information Night presentation in its entirety here

Sophomore Information Night Video

See the 10th Grade Information Night presentation in its entirety here.

ACT Test Prep 

Free online prep for NPHS students on MCIS & Naviance.  Click here for our ACT test prep page and links to both resources. 





Change to Chill

WHAT IS CHANGE TO CHILL? Change to Chill is a free online resource offered by Allina Health aimed at improving mental well-being among teens. Through collaboration with teens, parents, schools and community partners, the program:

* Provides easy-to-use information and resources about stress for teens

* Addresses what stress is, what triggers it and how to recognize its signs

* Equips teens with tools for coping with stress, such as meditation, mindful movement, how-to videos and guided imagery.

The Secret Life of Teens: Anxious, Overscheduled & Getting Sick

Click here to view this 5-minute video clip from KARE 11.

Youth Center in New Prague

Visit The Well website here to see what it's all about!