NPHS Course Registration Forms

The following registration forms will help you map out the courses you will be taking next school year. Select the registration form for your grade level next year. A few reminders:

  • Depending on your grade level some courses have been entered for you already. You will not need to add them to Infinite Campus
  • 9th Graders - After your required courses you have 4 semester courses to select. (Classes like band, choir, and world language are full-year courses and will take up 2 semester spots)
  • When signing up for a year-long course be sure add both semesters
  • You must sign up for 14 credits (courses)
  • You can only sign up for one study hall per semester
  • Seniors, you will be able to sign up for Senior Privilege (one per semester)
  • Include 4 alternate course options (electives) that the counselors can place in your schedule if a conflict arises

Courses can be entered into Infinite Campus from March 5th - March 12th. Counselors are available to answer questions about course selection.

Refer to your grade level Smore with information on how to enter your course selections into Infinite Campus.

2021-2022 Course Registration Forms