Scholarships, (including local) available to NPHS students, will be posted here throughout the school year.


 Scholarship Search Process: Recommended for NPHS Seniors

Follow these specific guidelines to complete a thorough scholarship search during the senior year. 

MCIS Scholarship Search

Click here to log into MCIS. Seniors have an account login and password. Go to "Education" and "Financial Aid Sort."


Misc. Student Scholarships

For more information please click here.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation - Due October 30th, 2022

Each year the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards 150 college scholarships worth $20,000 to high school students across the US . Students need a 3.0 GPA and to fill out an online application that requires no essays, not recommendations, and no transcripts. For more information please click here.

ROTC Scholarship - Due January 30th, 2023

Students will need to complete their ACT with minimum qualifying score of 21 for Math and 22 for English. Please click here for more information.