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Community is the foundation of New Prague Area Community Education and we miss you. Follow this link for a message to all our participants.

The Fitness and Aquatic Center will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Members, please watch emails for further communication. If you are not receiving email notifications from the FAC, please email us at fitandaqua@isd721.org to get signed up for notifications.

Mental Health Resources


Dealing with Mental Health or Tragedy/Crisis Events

Child and Adolescent Mental Health


New Prague Area Schools Licensed Staff

New Prague High School

High School Counseling Office Website: here 

High School Website: here 

Jon Shriver, School Psychologist: 952-758-6034 | jshriver@isd721.org 

Nikki Hachfeld, Social Worker: 952-758-1212 | nhackfeld@isd721.org

Andrea GrussendorfChemical Health Specialist: 952-758-1286 | agrussendorf@isd721.org

Mike Bartusek, Counselor (Students with last names A-Fe) : 952-758-1213 | mbartuse@isd721.org

Tenille Nelson, Counselor (Students with last names Fi - La): 952-758-1210 | tnelson@isd721.org

Niki Johnson, Counselor(Students with last names Le - Schae) : 952-758-1221 | njohnson@isd721.org

Angela Erickson, Counselor(Students with last names Schal - Z) : 952-758-1214 | aerickson@isd721.org


New Prague Middle School

Middle School Guidance Office Website: here    

Middle School Website: here

Julie Holgate, Counselor: 952-758-1412 | jholgate@isd721.org

Kristen Hodnefield, Guidance Counselor 952-758-1451 | khodnefield@isd721.org

Aliina Peterson, Social Worker: 952-758-1428 | apeterson@isd721.org

Blythe Becker Bowlus, School Psychologist: 952-758-1451 | bbecker@isd721.org 

Andrea GrussendorfChemical Health Specialist: 952-758-1286 | agrussendorf@isd721.org


Eagle View Elementary

Eagle View Website: here

Julia Kranz, Social Worker: 952-758-6025 | jkranz@isd721.org

Jon Shriver, School Psychologist: 952-758-6034 | jshriver@isd721.org  


Falcon Ridge Elementary

Falcon Ridge Website: here

Amy Hennen, Social Worker: 952-758-1613 | ahennen@isd721.org

Jim Cavanaugh, School Psychologist: 952-758-1615 or 1729 |  jcavanaugh@isd721.org 


Raven Stream Elementary

Raven Stream Website: here

Kristin Dorick, Social Worker: 952-758-1525 | kdorick@isd721.org

MJ Gunderson, School Psychologist: 952-758-1509| mgunderson@isd721.org


Early Childhood Special Education/Help Me Grow

Early Childhood/Special Education- Help Me Grow Website: here

Renee Hartman, Social Worker: 952-758-1728 | rhartman@isd721.org

Blythe Becker Bowlus, School Psychologist: 952-758-1451 | bbecker@isd721.org  (birth- age 5)