A Letter from the Principal


Mr. Gregor Principal

This year's theme is Highway to Success. Our theme will be referred to often and reflect various team names throughout each grade level. Team names include: Road Warriors, Radiator Springs, Old Town Road, Route 66, Mustangs, Fast and Furious, Team Highway 1, The Cruisers and The Hitchhikers.

New Prague Middle School offers a wonderful atmosphere for teaching and learning. The teaming concept provides a learning environment that is student centered and conducive to meeting the wide variety of needs of young people. It requires that the same teachers share the same students over the same block of time in the same part of the building. Grouping these students together in a supportive environment provides the best climate for academic challenge and growth.

Our mission is to challenge and develop each student to reach his or her full potential. It is vital that we meet the needs of all students in our school.

Our staff believes they can make a difference and feel confident that they work in a school that wants to improve and have students achieve at higher levels. Personally, I feel blessed to work at a school and live in a community that values a quality education.

Brad Gregor, Principal
Phone: 952-758-1401