Testing Information

At NPMS, we have three standardized tests that students take.

In the fall, all students complete the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) in the areas of math, reading, and language usage. These computer-based tests are given in the first few weeks of school to benchmark their skills in the 3 areas of testing.

In the spring, students take the NWEA tests again in math, reading, and language usage. We want to see that each child has grown and progressed; parents and students can compare their fall and spring scores to see how much growth was attained throughout the year.

In the spring, students also complete a state-mandated test called the MCA II. The test is given in the areas of math, reading, and science. These tests are reported to the state. Students will be rated at one of four levels:

  • E = Exceeds grade level standards
  • M = Meets grade level standards
  • P = Partially meets grade level standards
  • D = Doesn't meet grade level standards

All of the tests are a snapshot of what your child knows and is capable of doing. To help your son or daughter succeed in school and make gains on these tests, please encourage them to study for their classes on a regular basis and READ! READ! READ!

Feel free to check out the curriculum and instruction website for activities and exercises that parents can do at home to foster learning and understanding.