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Recently, Google added two new features to Google Docs. First is the ability to merge cells within a table. Second is the option to adjust the colors of an inserted image. Click the video links below to see a quick demonstration of each feature.

  1. [videoMerge Table Cells in Google Docs.
  2. [videoAdjust Image Colors in Google Docs.
Our high school Chromebook lease agreement includes a product called Hapara. It allows teachers to monitor student devices in their classrooms; helping students stay on task. In addition, Hapara provides a "Teacher Dashboard" that simplifies the management of sharing Google Docs with 120+ students. I came across a blog postthat suggested a "workflow" that teachers can use to streamline the assessment process with Google Docs.

I have written a few newsletter articles about NPAS ending our TeacherWeb subscription at the end of this school year. Elementary teachers will use the district website to publish their class web pages. Some teachers have already made the transition (example), but most are in the process of learning how to create class pages through TIP Sessions and online resources.

Organizing your Google Drive with folders is an important skill to master. But when you have hundreds of Google Docs, even a well organized Google Drive can make it hard to find the Doc you are trying to access. Watch this video tutorial to learn 5 methods for quickly accessing a Google Doc.

Last school year, Google introduced "Add-ons" for Google Docs and Sheets. Recently, Google Forms received the feature that provides increased functionality. With Add-ons, teachers can now "close" a form (or assessment) automatically after a specific date or number of responses, add math equations and graphs, send email notifications, and more.

One of the benefits teachers find when they begin using Google Docs is how much less paper they use. There inevitably comes a time when you need multiple copies from nPrint. So what do you do if the file was created in Google Docs? Unfortunately, you cannot submit a Google Doc file directly to nPrint. You can, however, use the steps below to accomplish this task:

When Infinite Campus updated their product over the summer, Campus Instruction Beta was added as the newest "teacher tool." It combines the most common teaching tasks (attendance, grading, seating charts, etc.) in one location. Many of the same features, along with additional capabilities, are included with Campus Instruction... but might be located in a new location. One question teachers have been asking lately...

Over the past two school years, the "Forward Your NP Gmail to Your NP Outlook" has been one of the most referenced TIP Sheets. About a year ago, Jeremy Biermaier, MS Social Studies teacher, started forwarding his Gmail to his Outlook. Everything worked fine, but when you have 120+ students sharing Google Docs, your inbox can become flooded. So he asked me if there was a way to automatically sort all the Google Docs notifications? -- Yes, by setting up "Rules."

I recently attended a high school TIP Session titled "Google Documents: Providing Efficient and Effective Feedback," presented by Sean DuBe'. In his presentation, Sean shared how Google Docs can be used to provide feedback and help students achieve standards, goals, and expectations. Students' (9th graders) average essay grades have moved from C+ (79.4%) to B average (83.5%) after a year of implementing feedback on Google Docs.