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What is PBIS?
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a school-wide system used to improve school safety and promote
positive behavior. From the start, students learn about what behavior is appropriate and are retaught throughout the year just like
any academic subject. Students are taught social skills, including how to act in different settings, such as in the classroom, on the
bus or with friends.
What does PBIS look like at Eagle View?
We have adopted a unified set of school-wide expectations for behavior. You will see these expectations posted throughout the
school and your child will be continuously learning them during the school year. Our unified Eagle View expectations, found in
every classroom and non-classroom setting in the school, are as follows:
S afety first  -  Own your Behavior  -  Achieve goals  -  Respond Respectfully
As part of our PBIS process, all staff use evidence-based practices to improve social skills and student learning by:
⇒ Consistently teaching and referring to our school-wide expectations
⇒ Using pre-teaching, prompting, and redirecting strategies
⇒ Providing positive, immediate, frequent, and explicit feedback
If a student is not meeting our SOAR expectations after reteaching, the following may be utilized:
⇒ Minor Behavior Problem-Solving form : A tool used to coach them through the learning process in order to improve a
repeated behavior
Student-Teacher Conference, Parent-Teacher Communication
⇒ Major Behavior Problem-Solving form : A tool used to address a significant behavior that requires immediate attention
Student-Principal/Social Worker Conference, Parent Phone Call
⇒ SOAR Tickets: An intricate part of PBIS is acknowledging children for being positive and making good choices. Students will
be acknowledged by receiving a SOAR ticket when demonstrating positive behaviors. SOAR Tickets are collected and used for
Friday drawings where students choose from tangible (New Prague Area Schools / Eagle View Elementary School gear or Eagle
View trinkets) and intangible recognition (20 minutes of Extra Recess for their class, Guest Reader in class of your choice, Special
Chair for a day, Lunch with Mr. Remmert). When students turn in a SOAR ticket, they will receive a SOAR stamp on their hand.
Be sure to ask your child how they earned their SOAR tickets.
⇒ Monthly School-wide SOAR Assemblies: On the last Friday of every month, the entire school meets in the cafeteria to
recognize positive behavior, Kids’ Company of the Month winners, and that week’s SOAR ticket winners. During each assembly,
positive behavior expectations are retaught.
⇒ Special thanks to the Eagle View PTO for financially contributing towards SOAR banners and celebrations.
⇒ All parents play an important role in encouraging their students to SOAR at school and at home.