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Practice Time!

Here are the 5th grade band practice guidelines!

 WHO? You! Another option: You and a friend or another person who plays an instrument.
 WHY? So that you improve the quality of your sound and you are able to play cool music.  Practicing is the only way we get better!
 WHERE? A well lit, quiet place, free of distractions. You will need a hard chair to sit on that will give you good posture. A music stand should be set up in front of you while you practice. You also may want access to a CD player, computer, or iPad if you are using your CD or SmartMusic. A garage or outside are not good locations - especially in the winter time.
 WHEN? The same time everyday may work great for getting you into a routine - whether it be in the morning, after school, before or after dinner. A little bit of practice every day is much better than practicing a lot just one day a week. I recommend 10 minutes a day, 5 times a week. As our music gets better and more challenging, more time each day may be needed.
 WHAT?Warm-Ups include: buzz list (brass), fast fingerings (flutes), tounging exercises (all students), and LONG TONES!
Assignments include the circled songs that are assigned at lessons. Our goal is to have at least 5 circled songs completed at each lesson.
Concert Music Concert music should be prepared for each concert. They are sometimes included in the weekly lesson assignment. Recordings can be found here on my website.
SmartMusic can be used to practice Band Karate belts and all assignments from our lesson books. Improve your scores on each song, change the tempos or background music for added variety, and use for tuning your instrument.
 HOW? Use the practice strategies that are taught at your lessons and rehearsals. These include: 
*Set a goal of what you want to improve everytime you practice.
*Practice slowly and eventually build up your speed.
*Chunking (booger spots) - find that tricky little spot in the music and focus your practice on that!
*Count and clap your rhythm before you practice the song.
*Use your CD, SmartMusic, website recordings to accompany you while you play.
*Use your PENCIL and mark in difficult passages in your music.
*Find the patterns in your music.
*Divide and Conquer - divide a longer song into sections. Practice each section, then practice the whole song.
 ♫ TIPS If you need additional help with anything, please contact Mrs. Spindler.  Private Lessons are a great way to improve your band skills. I have a list of recommended private instructors in our area.