Distance Learning Instruction will take place for all students beginning Monday, March 30th through Monday, May 4th. Communication will continue to be sent as the district receives information from the Governor.

The Fitness and Aquatic Center will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Members, please watch emails for further communication. If you are not receiving email notifications from the FAC, please email us at to get signed up for notifications.

Raven Stream Staff Directory

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Phone Building Subject
Heidi Anglin Paraprofessional (952) 758-1500 Raven Stream
Connie Barrington Nutrition Services (952) 758-1520 Raven Stream
Jesse Bastyr Teacher (952) 758-1537 Raven Stream Physical Education
Aimee Bombardo Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1521 Raven Stream
Beth Braith Paraprofessional (952) 758-1577 Community Education, Raven Stream
Kara Brandt First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1515 Raven Stream
Sara Casey First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1524 Raven Stream
Kristin Dorick Social Worker (952) 758-1525 Raven Stream
Jeremy Engebretson Principal (952) 758-1501 Raven Stream
Vonnie Ericson Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1573 Raven Stream
Wendy Fadden First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1523 Raven Stream
Taylor Farm Teacher (952) 758-1510 Raven Stream, St. Wence Special Education
Amanda Flor Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1539 Raven Stream Math
Kate Forberg Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1518 Raven Stream
Candy Gareis Executive Assistant (952) 758-1502 Raven Stream
Dana Gearing Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1557 Raven Stream
Judy Gebhardt Technician (952) 758-1575 Raven Stream
Mary Jane Gunderson Psychologist (952) 758-1509 High School, Middle School, Raven Stream
Vicki Harkins Third Grade Teacher (952) 758-1562 Raven Stream
Karen Hauer Paraprofessional (958) 758-1574 Raven Stream
Stacy Hemann Kindergarten Teacher (952) 758-1530 Raven Stream
Nancy Hertzog Office Staff (952) 758-1503 Raven Stream
Beth Horning First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1516 Raven Stream
Nicholas Huber Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1568 Raven Stream
Catherine Ilkka Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1570 Raven Stream