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Raven Stream Staff Directory

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Phone Building Subject
Heidi Anglin Paraprofessional (952) 758-1500 Raven Stream
Connie Barrington Nutrition Services (952) 758-1520 Raven Stream
Jesse Bastyr Teacher (952) 758-1537 Raven Stream Physical Education
Aimee Bombardo Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1521 Raven Stream
Beth Braith Paraprofessional (952) 758-1577 Community Education, Raven Stream
Kara Brandt First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1515 Raven Stream
Sara Casey First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1524 Raven Stream
Kristin Dorick Social Worker (952) 758-1525 Raven Stream
Jeremy Engebretson Principal (952) 758-1501 Raven Stream
Vonnie Ericson Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1573 Raven Stream
Wendy Fadden First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1523 Raven Stream
Taylor Farm Teacher (952) 758-1510 Raven Stream, St. Wenceslaus Special Education
Kate Forberg Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1518 Raven Stream
Candy Gareis Executive Assistant (952) 758-1502 Raven Stream
Dana Gearing Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1557 Raven Stream
Jamie Gibson Second Grade Teacher (952) 758-1500 Raven Stream
Vicki Harkins Third Grade Teacher (952) 758-1562 Raven Stream
Karen Hauer Paraprofessional (958) 758-1574 Raven Stream
Stacy Hemann Kindergarten Teacher (952) 758-1530 Raven Stream
Nancy Hertzog Office Staff (952) 758-1503 Raven Stream
Beth Horning First Grade Teacher (952) 758-1516 Raven Stream
Nicholas Huber Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1568 Raven Stream
Catherine Ilkka Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1570 Raven Stream
Christa Johnson Kindergarten Teacher (952) 758-1527 Raven Stream
Lisa Johnson Teacher (952) 758-1564 Raven Stream Media