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Standards Based Learning

Our elementary schools are in the process of transitioning to a standards-based report card. This process allows teachers to clearly communicate a child's progress toward his/her mastery of specific standards. The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards serve as our basis for our curriculum, instruction and assessment model. Our kindergartners were exposed to a standards-based report card during the 16-17 school year. Our 1st graders were exposed to a standards-based report card during the 17-18 school year. Our 2nd and 3rd graders will have a standards-based report card rolled out during the 18-19 school year and our 4th and 5th graders will have a standards-based report card rolled out during the 19-20 school year.
Our elementary standards-based report card allows parents, students and teachers to monitor student growth while also receiving specific feedback focused on standard aligned learning targets. Student growth is valued through this model. The learning targets on the elementary report cards were determined by district teachers as the most important learning that students need to master in order to be successful in the following grade level. 
When we report student learning in our standards-based system, the following terms are used when communicating progress toward the learning targets: 4 (Exceeds Standard--Demonstrates a deeper level of knowledge, understanding and overall application of the standard.), 3 (Meets Standard--Demonstrates a consistent understanding and knowledge base of the standard. With limited errors, student is able to grasp and apply key concepts, processes, and skills.), 2 (Approaching Standard--Demonstrates progress toward the standard, but not yet achieved it. Demonstrates some understanding and knowledge.), 1 (Limited Progress--Shows no or minimal progress toward the standard. Additional support is needed for the student to develop understanding and knowledge). Students with IEPs (Individual Education Program) will be provided with the same opportunity to receive feedback in relation to expectations for grade level standards. Modifications and accommodations may be listed in a student's IEP to support his or her progress on grade level standards that are assessed and reflected on standards based report cards.


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