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Per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-82, COVID case data, and in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Health, the New Prague Area School District is currently operating in a hybrid model for grades K-12.

Families can read our updated Return to School Guide here.  


TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

TIP Sheets and Resources

What is Typing.com?

Typing.com provides dozens of free, informative typing lessons from beginner through advanced levels. Students test their skills with challenging practice exercises, eventually expanding to words, sentences, and paragraphs. After each completed screen, students can see their word-per-minute (WPM) and accuracy percentages and star ratings. There are also timed tests for one-, three-, and five-minute lengths, after which students can print completion certificates.

Where does keyboarding fit into the MN State Standards?

Keyboarding proficiency levels are identified in the MN ELA standards, grades 3-6. For the purpose of consistency, NPAS uses the Typing.com lessons to guide students through the development of their keyboarding skills. The 1-minute timed tests are used to assess each student's current skill level based on words-per-minute (WPM). Use the linked TIP Sheet to view the specific grade-level standards and WPM goals.

TIP SheetTyping.com - Standards & Reporting WPM

How do students take the 1-minute (WPM) typing tests?

For the purpose of consistency, students should use the 1-minute typing tests on Typing.com to record their current WPM keyboarding skill level. Teachers will assess and report student progress by using the [ AVG Speed ] found under the [ Typing Tests ] tab. To take a 1-minute typing test, follow the Reporting Students' Keyboarding Skills (WPM) section on the linked TIP Sheet.

TIP SheetTyping.com - Standards & Reporting WPM