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Cindy McNab
First Grade Teacher
Falcon Ridge
(952) 758-1658

Welcome to First Grade!

SCHOOL Falcon Ridge Elementary School:

CLASS 1st Grade:

SCHOOL PHONE 952-758-1658:

I began teaching in the New Prague school district in 1985.  I grew up in the 
New Prague area so teaching in my home district is a dream come true for   
me.  My family of Steinhoff's have been around for many generations and it is 
very fun being so close to so many of them.

I spent my college years at Minnesota State University in Mankato.  I hold a 
K-8 teaching degree.  I taught my first year in Kindergarten and all the rest 
have been in 1st grade. Three of those years I team taught a multi-age class 
with a partner 2nd grade class.  It was great fun, but a lot to manage.  So, 
now I am back in 1st grade where I am finding that this grade level is where 
my true passion is.

My husband Bill and I and our 2 boys Nathan and Andy have lived near Jordan 
since 2003.  We had our first home in the MN River Valley near Henderson but 
wanted to get back closer to the New Prague school system. We now live near Jordan.

As a family of 4, we keep pretty busy.  The boys are involved in many 
activities and we are always on the run watching them grow up faster and 
faster around every corner.  I think being a parent has helped me to become a 
better teacher.  I know that life at home isn't always exactly what we would 
like it to be and that some days we all just need to stop what we're doing 
and take a deep breath for a minute or two.  Life has a way of moving fast 
and hopefully we all take a minute now and then to be thankful for every 
minute we have with our families.  Nathan graduated from Gustavus and Andy is attending U W LaCrosse.

My mission in my classroom is to create a very fun loving, happy, comfortable 
classroom environment where my kids know how much I care which leads them to 
caring what I know.  My hope is to present curriculum in a way that meets my 
kids where they are in their educational journey and take them beyond. I hope 
to start each day with a new start, progress through our day and see what 
tomorrow will need to show improvement and growth.