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phone: 952-758-1700
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District-Wide Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Positionsort descending Phone Building Subject
Naomi Sandgren Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1637 Falcon Ridge
Amanda Floden Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6052 Eagle View
Amy Laine Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1646 Falcon Ridge
Kristina Madigan Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1567 Raven Stream
Michelle Christenson Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6066 Eagle View
Nicholas Huber Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1568 Raven Stream Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
Curtis Maki Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1552 Raven Stream Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
Matt Phillips Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1555 Raven Stream Language Arts, Math, Science
Stephanie Ringsred Fourth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6065 Eagle View
Julie Holgate Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1412 Middle School
Emma Balow Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1210 High School
Kristin Hodnefield Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1451 Middle School
Angela Erickson Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1214 High School
Mike Bartusek Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1213 High School
Jack Pauly Guidance Counselor (952) 758-1221 High School
Jenny Schoenecker Health Services Director (952) 758-1760 Central Education Campus
Alyce Meyer High School Teacher (952) 758-1220 Compass Learning Center, High School Social Studies
Rachelle Balfe High School Teacher (952) 758-1250 High School Family and Consumer Sciences
Dan Seymour High School Teacher (952) 758-1261 High School Physical Education
Brian Thorstad High School Teacher (952) 758-1236 High School Band
Lindsay Schuette High School Teacher (952) 758-1242 High School Language Arts
Jennifer Sayler High School Teacher (952) 758-1254 High School Social Studies
Jonathan Hopke High School Teacher (952) 758-1273 High School Social Studies
Julisa Fjeldahl High School Teacher (952) 758-1279 High School Family and Consumer Sciences
Angie Frykman High School Teacher (952) 758-1269 High School Math