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410 Central Ave. N.
New Prague, MN 56071

phone: 952-758-1700
fax: 952-758-1799


District-Wide Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Positionsort descending Phone Building Subject
Priscilla Rotunda Executive Assistant (952) 758-1202 High School
Julie Degross Executive Assistant (952) 758-1768 Central Education Campus Special Education
Darcy Chlan Executive Assistant (952) 758-6002 Eagle View
Candy Gareis Executive Assistant (952) 758-1502 Raven Stream
Janelle Sasse Executive Assistant (952) 758-1703 District Office
Cindy Perkinson Executive Assistant (952) 758-1402 Middle School
Lori Bisek Executive Assistant (952) 758-1602 Falcon Ridge
Christa Nagorski Executive Assistant (952) 758-1783 Central Education Campus
Sherry Eggum Executive Assistant (952) 758-1732 Community Education, Central Education Campus
Teresa Hoverson Specialist (952) 758-1459 Middle School Art
Julie Schmitz Specialist (952) 758-1741 District Office
Jennifer Larson Specialist (952) 758-1517 Raven Stream
Steve Trcka Transportation Supervisor (952) 758-1480 Bus Garage
Tony Buthe Director of Educational Services (952) 758-1767 District Office
Samantha McDonald Information Systems Specialist (952) 758-1707 District Office
Lisa Blaschko Speech/Language Pathology Assistant (952) 758-1378 District Wide Speech/Lang Pathologist
Jodi Tupy Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1673 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Layne Miller Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1761 Community Education, Eagle View
Anne Weiers Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1673 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Diane Barrier Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-6083 Eagle View Early Childhood
Kayla Kaisershot Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-6053 Community Education, Eagle View Early Childhood
Dani Barnett Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1737 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Tara Lund Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1673 Early Childhood Center Early Childhood
Lynette Galchutt Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-1758 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Shawn Brandt Director of Technology Integration (952) 758-1709 District Office