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410 Central Ave. N.
New Prague, MN 56071

phone: 952-758-1700
fax: 952-758-1799


District-Wide Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Positionsort descending Phone Building Subject
Pat Mickus Custodian (952) 758-3182 Middle School
Vinnie Angileno Custodian (952) 758-1777 Central Education Campus
Jasen Giles Custodian (952) 292-8171 High School
Mark Fishel Custodian (952) 758-6007 Eagle View
Ray Kadlec Custodian (952) 758-1607 Falcon Ridge
Craig Most Director of Operations (952) 758-1788 Central Education Campus
Sandra Linn Director of Business Services (952) 758-1702 District Office
Greg Pint Director of Technology (952) 758-1791 District Wide
Mary Bartusek ECFE Coordinator (952) 758-1671 Community Education, Early Childhood Center Early Childhood
Jennifer Weichert Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1722 Central Education Campus
Bridget Barnett Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1750 Central Education Campus Special Education
Jodi Gryskiewicz Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1773 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Linda Tefft Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-6086 Eagle View
Sharon Drazenovich Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1720 Central Education Campus
Crystal Stocker Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1763 Central Education Campus
Richard Wilson Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1664 Falcon Ridge
Lisa Sneen Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1663 Falcon Ridge
Jenna Lund Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6074 Eagle View
Vonnie Ericson Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1573 Raven Stream Language Arts
Brad Drazan Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6072 Eagle View
Karry Helgestad Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6071 Eagle View
Katherine Kluegel Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1660 Falcon Ridge
Kelly O'Link Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1600 Falcon Ridge
Hannah Strop Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-6055 Eagle View
Tim Ledwein Fifth Grade Teacher (952) 758-1572 Raven Stream Math, Social Studies