Internet Filter

 An internet filter is hardware or software that restricts information delivered over the internet. Filters help keep your computer safe and give parents controls to block inappropriate websites. The resources below are popular options for home internet filtering and parental-controls.*


A popular, free internet filtering service. When you set up OpenDNS Home on your router, your settings take effect across everything on your home network. In addition to computers, this includes your kids’ Xbox, Playstation, Wii, DS, iPad, and even their iPhone.

Comcast / Xfinity

Comcast provides directions for setting up a firewall and parental controls. This allows you to manage access to sites and information on the Internet. Your wireless gateway allows you to block keywords in web addresses and specific sites; you can also control which computers these restrictions apply to.

Norton Family

Norton Family is free online service that helps parents to monitor the Internet activities of their children, from anywhere, in real time. Thereby, Norton Family helps parents to protect their children from Internet dangers and lets children practice safe online behavior and develop good online habits.

Windows Family Safety

Family Safety helps you set limits on your child's PC time, as well as the websites, apps, and games they can use (and when). To set up Family Safety, you'll need to sign in with an administrator account. Family Safety is turned on automatically if you create a child's account.

Mac Parental Controls

You can use Parental Controls in a Mac to help prevent user accounts from accessing inappropriate content on Internet websites. The Internet content filter is built into the core of the operating system, allowing it to filter Internet access regardless of which Web browser is used.


* The resources listed on this page are provided for your information and convenience. The NPAS Technology department does not provide support or technical assistance with home internet filtering or computer networks.