Powerful Learning with Chromebooks

 In 2014, NPAS implemented our digital learning environment, Powerful Learning. A digital learning environment (DLE) is a student-centered framework where opportunities for learning and access to educational resources are available anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

Student Devices by Grade Level

The outline below briefly describes the framework of student devices at different grade levels. For more detailed information, click one of the links found in the right-side navigation menu. The FAQs page can be helpful to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Grades K-1 

  • Classroom sets of iPads, 2:1 ratio (2 students per 1 iPad)
  • Devices stay at school, in the classroom
  • Limited screen time with teacher guided lessons
  • Learning station activities with shared partner interactions

Grades 2-5 

  • Classroom sets of Chromebooks, 1:1 ratio (1 student per 1 Chromebook)
  • Devices stay at school, in the classroom
  • A variety of technology resources are introduced to support student learning
  • 5th grade students receive new Chromebooks to use through middle school (grade 8) 

Grades 6-12

  • Students begin using school Chromebooks as take-home devices
  • Students are responsible for charging and caring for their devices
  • Increased focus on communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking
  • 9th grade students receive new Chromebooks to use through high school (grade 12)
  • Review more information on the Annual Chromebook Fee / Process page