The New Prague Way

As a District, we are extremely dedicated to our mission, which is to support and engage students in high levels of learning. We carry out our mission by making a commitment to strengthening our culture. The rules that guide our culture are: Doing What’s Right, Committing to Excellence, and Showing People You Care. This is "The New Prague Way”. Living up to The New Prague Way is part of every employee’s job description.

Doing what’s right means meeting all students’ needs – academic, social, emotional and physical. Placing students’ needs first, adults second. It involves providing comprehensive programming and curriculum – fine arts, vocational, college preparatory, etc. Personally, it entails demonstrating a positive attitude, professionalism, a spirit of collaboration and a growth mindset. 

Committing to excellence means doing everything to the best of your ability. We strive to be best in the academics, arts, and athletics. This will result in great learning experiences for all students.

And finally, Showing people you care. Commit conscious acts of kindness. Follow the “Golden Rule.” Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself.

If we commit to these core values, our district will continue to flourish and achieve our vision of becoming a premier school district.

This series of articles explore the ways in which our staff are "showing the way".

Watch for more articles coming soon!