Weather and Closings

Blended Learning Day

For more information visit: the Blended Learning Day website.

A Blended Learning Day is an opportunity for students to continue learning when school has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Teachers provide lessons which may have a “blend” of online or traditional paper/pencil activities. If a student is unable to complete the lessons due to an illness or other circumstance, their parent should call the attendance line to notify the school of their child's "absence." Reported absences will follow the same protocols as a regular school day.

School Closing Information

Emergency Hotline: 952-758-1780

School Closure - No Classes Held

The District will cancel school if it is determined that it is unsafe for students and staff to travel to school. The Superintendent will make a decision to close schools if there is excessive snow, temperatures drop to an unsafe/dangerous low, streets/roads are not safe for buses or school buses will not operate dependably. The decision will typically be made by 5:00 a.m. Students should not report to school.

Decisions to close schools or alter schedules for students are made to ensure the safety of students based on information available. It is important to remind students, staff, parents, and district residents of the school closing procedures and communications to ensure student safety and a safe winter for all.

We are going to err on the side of safety when it comes to our students, specifically for the safety of children who are waiting at the bus stops or walking to school. If parents disagree with the district's decision to have school, they may always keep their children home, and it would be an excused absence.

Wind Chill ChartFactors used for deciding on closing school for severely cold weather are based on the National Weather Service's wind chill forecast and their corresponding frostbite guideline chart. Consideration to delay the start of school or cancel school will be triggered if the National Weather Service projects a wind chill temperature -40 or greater with a corresponding frostbite stage in the 5-10 minute range.

Follow this link for more information about cold weather safety from the National Weather Service.


The District will notify directly using TwitterFacebook and Infinite Campus Messenger Service. Parents should review phone and email contact information via the Infinite Campus Portal in order to ensure messages will be delivered correctly. If you don't receive notifications, log in to the Campus Portal and check your settings (TIP Sheet).

Announcements will also be made on WCCO-TVKSTP-TVKARE 11KEYC and FOX 9 television. Radio stations are also notified, KCHK 1350 AM/95.5 FM and WCCO 830 AM.

The District website is updated to reflect school closing information. A notification will be shown near the top of all web pages. The weather hotline, at 758-1780, is updated as well. We ask that, except in an emergency, families please not call the school office because phone lines are needed for administrative use. Teachers have each child's emergency dismissal plan once completed by parents.

Late Start

Should it be determined to start school late, the district will use the same notification systems and timelines as those used for school closures. Rural buses will operate on a schedule to deliver students in time for a late start and dismissal will be at the regular time.


If School is cancelled all day it is the discretion of the Activities Director to hold varsity practices and contests. Information about cancellations will be shared on the Activity/Athletics website. If school is cancelled during the day, all activities hosted by the district are cancelled.

Community Education

If Schools are closed for the day, all daytime and after school Community Education activities are cancelled. A decision about Community Education evening activities will be made by mid-afternoon. For information, visit Community Education website.