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District-Wide Staff Directory

General contact information for each of our schools can be found at the following links:
High School | Middle School | Eagle View | Falcon Ridge | Raven Stream | Compass Learning Center

First Name Last Namesort descending Position Phone Building Subject
Paul Giesen Buildings & Grounds Coordinator (952) 758-1275 District Wide
David Giesen Principal (952) 758-1601 Falcon Ridge
Megan Giesen
Melissa Giles Teacher (952) 758-6031 Eagle View Resource Teacher
Jasen Giles Custodian (952) 292-8171 High School
Beverly Giles Paraprofessional (952) 758-1600 Falcon Ridge
Melissa Gilpin Paraprofessional (952) 758-1670 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Tyler Glynn Kindergarten Teacher (952) 758-1655 Falcon Ridge
George Gnerer
Lindsey Goltz
Brad Gregor Principal (952) 758-1401 Middle School
Jill Grensteiner Teacher (952) 758-1675 Falcon Ridge Special Education
Abbie Grevlos Kindergarten Teacher (952) 758-6055 Eagle View
Jodi Gryskiewicz Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (952) 758-1773 Central Education Campus Early Childhood
Ron Gunderson Middle School Teacher (952) 758-1433 Middle School Science
Nikki Hachfeld Social Worker (952) 758-1212 Compass Learning Center, High School Social Worker
Sarah Hafermann High School Teacher (952) 758-1756 Compass Learning Center Language Arts
Kristin Hanson Office Staff (952) 758-1705 District Office
Vicki Harkins Third Grade Teacher (952) 758-1562 Raven Stream
Rachel Harmon High School Teacher (952) 758-1238 High School Language Arts
Kimberly Harren Director of Nutrition Services (952) 758-1772 District Office
Renee Hartman Social Worker (952) 758-1728 Central Education Campus
Mary Harvey Paraprofessional (952) 758-1600 Falcon Ridge
Karen Hauer Paraprofessional (958) 758-1574 Raven Stream
Kayla Haugen Early Childhood Teacher (952) 758-6053 Community Education, Eagle View Early Childhood