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Community is the foundation of New Prague Area Community Education and we miss you. Follow this link for a message to all our participants.

The Fitness and Aquatic Center will be closed starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Members, please watch emails for further communication. If you are not receiving email notifications from the FAC, please email us at fitandaqua@isd721.org to get signed up for notifications.

Breakout EDU

TIP Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions

TIP Sheets and Resources

What is Breakout EDU?

Breakout EDU is a physical game kit and platform where students work together to solve various puzzles to open a locked box, similar to an escape room. You can use Breakout kits in every subject area and grade level. Make sure to scour through the existing games on the site -- you'll find games on geometric shapes, literature, physical education, computer science, and the library, and even team development. Breakout EDU helps students build the critical-thinking and social and emotional skills necessary to solve these complex problems.

Does NPAS have any Breakout EDU kits?

No, but Shawn Brandt purchased one and has offered Breakout EDU workshops. If you have attended one of his Breakout EDU workshops, you can email him (sbrandt@isd721.org) to reserve the kit for your class. If you are new to Breakout EDU, but would like to give it a try, contact Shawn to coordinate a date/time to co-teach a Breakout EDU activity with your students. Use the TIP Sheet linked below to learn how to get started.

TIP SheetBreakout EDU - Getting Started